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The primary purpose of this manual is to motivate you to create and implement an Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Three ways to detox over the next two weeks include:

Cut Out the Alcohol.  It may be rough, but abstaining for two weeks will lower your triglycerides, and could help lead to weight loss. Also, drinking often goes along with eating junk food and salty snacks, when you cut out the drink you cut down on the junk.

Say Goodbye to The Sweets. Having a "sweet tooth" isn't just an  expression - it's a genetic reality. Our brains are wired to crave sugar. It's been found that sugar stimulates the same "pleasure centers" in the brain as morphine. But the "high" comes with a "high" price, such as "high" cholesterol and "high" blood pressure, since most of the foods laden with sugar, are also loaded with fat and cholesterol. The key to cutting down on sugar intake is not so much in cutting out the obvious foods like cakes and chocolate bars that is not where most of us get "sugared up" anyway. You need to avoid the "sneaky" added sugars like high fructose corn syrup that manufacturers load into all sorts of prepared foods, including breads, pasta, ketchup, and salad dressing. Sugar is not always obvious. Look for things on the label like sucrose, or anything else ending in "-­ose", dextrin, and malt, or corn syrup - these are all sugar. To wean your body off of sugar -­ try using spices such as cinnamon, or almond, or vanilla extract to sweeten foods and beverages. Feed your craving for sweets with fruits. The fiber and antioxidants will have added benefits and will (add) help you achieve your goal of Survival Shape.

Boot the "Bad Fats." You have heard the drill; there are "good fats" and "bad fats". The bad guys are the saturated fats, which are naturally found in beef and most animal products and full-­fat dairy products, and the man-­made bogeymen, trans-­fats and hydrogenated fats. You know how some products seem like they can stay on the shelf forever? Usually that's because of transfats. The problem is once the stuff gets into our bodies, it's very hard to get rid of them. As you have probably heard there are two kinds of cholesterol, one "good" one "bad". Saturated fats raise the "bad" kind (LDL). The nasty trans-­fats, not only raise the "bad" cholesterol, they decrease the "good" (HDL). Switch from cream to low fat, or skim milk, stop the "add-­ons" like mayo and butter. Of course the rich desserts have to go.

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